what’s an ashalah?

Everyone’s got a story. Whether it’s interesting or not, depends on the reader. I think I’m fabulous but I’m also part of the generation that thinks they are entitled to it all–awesomeness, money, the perfect job, success, fame, intense passionate love. You name it, it obviously has to be mine. Of course, to make it ideal, I would like it to land on my lap while I eat chocolate and sip wine while watching episodes of Lost on TV.

I’m not from one particular place, really. I was born in Seattle, spent a few years in Dallas and Atlanta, went to high school in small-town Connecticut. I went to college at University of New Hampshire, became a semi-alcoholic and then went to Michigan State which didn’t change anything really. In order to really stick it to the parents for not letting me go to NYC my freshman year, I transferred my senior year to FIT and started all over. My social life took a severe nose dive during those four years but I made up for it in a big way after I graduated.

Up until August I was living the life, as some would say, in the Big Apple. I will admit it was all very Sex and the City and I was Carrie, with a large side of Samantha. Only there certainly weren’t any Mr. Bigs or Aidans helping me knock down walls to that second apartment I rented next to the luxuriously large walk in closet I lived in off of my measly salary. (When tripping over my chair in my shoebox apartment, I often wondered how I was making TEN MILLION TIMES LESS than a writer. Ah, TV. I love how you crush little girls’ dreams of the big city.)

I did have a good life there, though. I may not have had a closet full of Manolos but I did have a cozy two bedroom on the upper east side with a fabulous roommate, a slew of friends to always do things with, dates to go on and coworkers I loved. I had my favorite restaurant, a bar that knew my name and I knew the seasonal patterns of the homeless near my job. This shiny little life had one big, major, GINORMOUS flaw, though. It was called: MY JOB.

Quite possibly the worst job in the world (I love being dramatic, don’t you?), I was stuck there for a year and a half. During that time, all that shiny, sparkly, loveliness of the rest of my life was slowly tarnished into an ugly, depressing, dull black and I wanted nothing more to do with it. That and I turned 27 and freaked the eff out over how I was getting old.

Cue semi-massive break down. I cried. A lot. I complained. A LOT. And then I did something about it. I bought a one way plane ticket to Europe, I subletted my great apartment, packed up all my shit and gave away a ton more, quit my job (and champagne-toasted it’s ending, thankyouverymuch) and the rest, as they say, is history.

I backpacked my way across ten countries over the course of three months. I rediscovered my happiness. I learned how to slow the eff down and smell the proverbial roses. I spent all my money. I ate baguettes for lunch and dinner (and sometimes breakfast). Drank 2 euro bottles of wine on rooftops while sitting in hammocks. Climbed mountains. Realized why umbrellas were invented. Saw quite a few people naked. Rode a camel under the stars. Taught a robber a lesson. I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower. I fell in love with life. MY life.

Being the adorably cute daughter that I am, I came home when all my money ran out just in time to surprise my parents for Thanksgiving (even though the airline industry RUINED THAT SURPRISE)  and have been living at home ever since. In Michigan. Not quite the same as NYC but I am coping with champagne, dance parties in my room and lots of snickerdoodles.

If my life weren’t awesome enough, I decided one evening to move to Boulder, Colorado, all spur of the moment-like. And that’s where my life is at: trying to piece it all together and move myself across the country to a place I’ve never been to before. But there are mountains and if you know me, I’m kind of obsessed with them.

A lot has changed with me but a few things are constant: I’m obsessed with music and the need to have a soundtrack to my days is kept in check by my iPod. I LOVE food and will try (most) anything at least once. Fluffy puppies and kitties will always make me squeal and if they happen to be part of animal humor, I will laugh HYSTERICALLY. I love surrounding myself with people but I also adore some alone time with a good book and a glass (or three) of wine. In case you haven’t noticed, I love wine and adore the fact that my mom has a seemingly never-ending supply of it. I am a former English major and this blog has provided an amazing outlet that I never imagined when I started blogging two and a half years ago. I used to blog at another location but decided I had outgrown it and so moved to this fabulous place.

Where my life is going to go, I have no idea and a year ago I would have hated that. But now, it’s pretty effing fantastic. The world is my oyster and 2010 is going to be my year, just you wait and see.

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15 Responses

  1. Sounds like an interesting story to me! Does that mean that you’re originally a Michigander?

  2. I luv that you’re completely reinventing yourself, that you’re so brave to know that once you’ve had success, you’ll have it again. You’re more than a half full person, obvi. You inspire me to look at the uncertain road ahead with optimism.

  3. i never knew why you’d left… one day i check your blog and you weren’t in the states… you were in ireland or some place.
    glad to finally understand everything.

    have a great ‘new beginning’

  4. Dude (yes, I just said ‘dude’), you are awesome. Love the new place and the new start 🙂 Happy 2010!

  5. Looks like I should have waited a few more to read your about me page 🙂

  6. omg i love finding likeminded people!! i believe i’m in a similar ‘stage’ of life as you. out of luck romantically, the wanting to travel to find myself, the freaking out about getting old (well, not really.. but 30 IS approaching!).. the wanting to move someplace i’ve never been and starting over. loving it every step of the way! love.

    i look forward to 30 actual. it’s a woman’s sexual peak! HECK YEAH! lots of shagging!

  7. So, It’s my fault that I don’t read your blog enough to know your updates on life.


    BOULDER? Could you move any further from me?!

  8. Just found your blog linked from livitluvit. I like what I see and I will read more! Just wanted to say hello! 🙂

  9. Just found your blog from Jessica @ Classy in Philadelphia. I love it! Good luck on your move 🙂

  10. I definitely relate to your post about the horrid job-leaving that hell-and finding happiness story. Your post took me back to that time in my own life when I was also hating life and took a summer off-which to this day-is still THE BEST summer of my life. I think the one blessing of sucky jobs is they make you so grateful when you find a normal job-even if it isn’t perfect.

    great post!


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  13. Re “What’s an Ashalah?”

    I love your writing, & also totally enjoyed your Christmas post.

    The only argument I have is that a job that I HAD several years ago was THE WORST JOB IN THE WORLD! (I want the medal for that one!)

    Have a Merry Christmas!


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