Old Friends, Bargain Shopping, Chicago and a New Lens

I went out for coffee with one of my very best friends yesterday, one whom I don’t see nearly enough. It’s always an adventure with her and I constantly laugh, which is always appreciated. The two of us together usually is a lethal combo of fun, crazy and questions about what drugs we are currently on.

We always meet halfway and usually I am the one who has issues with GPS or Mapquest giving me the wrong directions. If I remember correctly, the last time I almost got in an accident because my GPS was taking me in the wrong direction and the time before that? The GPS man was telling me to turn around and get back on the highway while I was pulling into the parking lot. But this time, Mapquest failed BOTH of us and we ended up doing a search and rescue which ended up with me in the Kohls parking lot and her in a cemetary. Neither of which housed a Starbucks. Eventually we found each other, held up traffic and then made our way towards shopping.

At the mall we found a Starbucks (not THE starbucks we had been searching for) and proceeded to leave the baristas laughing hysterically at with us as we asked them for their addresses. When you’re with us you never know what’s going to happen.

Like when we were in Coach and talking about the prices of jewelry and comparing them to house and car payments. Those sales ladies are still thanking us for making them laugh. And when we were in Macy’s and I tried on a ridiculous pair of sunglasses, made a comment about how I wore them when I was 8 and made some random stranger laugh at me in them. Or when we were in another store discussing Ryan Reynolds and how HOT he was and Sarah insulted the girl behind the counter by saying he hasn’t ALWAYS been hot. (INSULTING, right??)

Maybe this stuff is only funny to us. Or you have to be there to appreciate us. That’s probably it. My retelling abilities? They kind of stink.

I did participate in some retail therapy, which I haven’t been able to do in a while. Got some nail polish with large chunks of silver glitter in it which makes me feel fifteen again and fabulous and a new journal in this years color of choice: teal. But the best purchase, la piece de resistance, has to be this lovely, sexy thing:

That dress was originally $120 at Banana Republic. I only paid….wait for it….$1.50. You read that right. ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS. Thanks to a great sale, an extra 30% off and $30 in coupons. I am so proud of myself. I’ve had my eye on this dress for at least a month so when I saw it in my size? I grabbed that shit up. My boobs look fantastic in it.

I plan on parading this dress around Chicago this weekend. You also read that correctly. I said CHICAGO. If you haven’t heard the news via Twitter, I am taking over Chicago by storm this weekend with Jenn. Since I got a new car, it was decided I would drive that down to the Windy City, the city I have never been to before. Might as well make use of my close proximity and ample free time right now! I already have my soundtrack picked out for the drive down (the Glee Soundtrack. I predict epicly horribly sing-alongs) and a lot of plans involving every blogger I can find and old friends from NYC. I AM SO EXCITED. Especially about the fact that I’m totally having a sleepover with Jenn. How jealous are you? πŸ™‚

I don’t predict much sleep happening, but who needs that when you have a good bottle (or two) of wine and some really awesome people, all under one roof?

In other exciting news, I got my new lens, a Nikon 50mm, in the mail a couple days ago and I couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t had the chance to reallyyy play with it so I will definitely be dragging that bad boy out and about with me in Chicago. Be prepared.

I can use my DSLR again!! Ashley is a VERY happy lady.

Have you signed up for my Be My (Blog) Valentine? You totally need to. Last date to sign up is January 19th and that will be here before you know it!

15 Responses

  1. super cute dress. and 1.50???? NICE.

    and I love being random with friends and getting strangers to laugh at (ahem- with) us πŸ™‚ sounds like you had some fun times!

  2. So do I have to coordinate my colors with your dress?

  3. that dress is sexy! such a steal!!!

    have fun this weekend in chicago!

  4. Have an incredibly fun weekend in Chicago!

  5. My best friend and I are *exactly* the same way…from the “what drugs are you on?” to the “had to be there” moments. There’s nothing better than someone you can be totally ridiculous with!

    That dress is GORgeous and I am uber-jealous you get to sleepover with Jenn! Have so much fun!

  6. Friends like that are so awesome. I still need a couple of those here. I’m just trying to be patient because I know it will happen eventually.

    Awesome dress! And even more awesome price!

  7. $1.50? Oh em gee, girlfriend! That makes a sweet dress even sweeter. Have fun in Chicago and trying out your new lens!

  8. Wow, Ashley, that dress is STUNNING. I want it!!!

  9. okay one. i love having friends like that where every time is an adventure and a laugh fest. two. LOVE that dress and the color is fabulous. and three. have so much fun in chicago, have some pizza and hug some bloggers for me okay? thanks.

  10. I would pay a hell of a lot more than $1.50 for a dress that made my boobs look fantastic. Well shopped.

  11. love love love the dress! and $1.50 – you are my shopping hero πŸ™‚ Teach me your brilliant shopping ways? plskthx

  12. Love the new dress and you CANNOT beat that price. Looking forward to meeting you this weekend in Chicago (hopefully :))

  13. What a baller deal on a great dress! Congrats. enjoy Chicago!

  14. that’s a great color and a great dress. i’m a bit jealous. and you definitely rock it!

    I got some nailpolish with glitter in it for christmas and the sparkle is pretty fantastic.

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