I Got Drunk By Myself on New Years Eve. What About You?

Another holiday weekend has come and gone. Really, no different than any other day in the boring life of Ashalah except that we passed into 2010 and I actually left the house a few times.

New Years Eve Eve I went up to East Lansing to see my old stomping grounds at Michigan State and nearly caused an accident driving past my old dorm complex. They were in the process of turning the old box of a cafeteria that we had into this huge modern structure and I was openly gaping. I went into town to meet an old friend for dinner and drinks and wandered through the little town since I had some time to spare. It was like the old town had been torn down and a new one had been built in it’s place. I don’t remember it being this cute! And so many new restaurants and stores. Pita Pit was still there and so was the bookstore that stole all my money every semester but there was a shiny new Barnes and Nobles and the Steve and Barry’s was replaced by another school spirit store. It took a lot of willpower not to buy everything SPARTAN.

I met up with Alex and her boyfriend and went to the Peanut Barrel for dinner. It was nice to catch up; she now lives in LA and I hadn’t seen her since I left SEVEN YEARS AGO. Seriously. How is time passing this quickly?! I had a grilled chicken (I was *going* go to for the greasy cheeseburger but decided to be “healthy.”) and continued to slather it in Mayo and Ketchup (see? “HEALTHY.” Some habits die hard.).  It started snowing before I left and I walked through town a little, my heart getting all nostalgic. I had so much fun at MSU and had forgotten just how much I loved going to school there. I definitely miss it.

New Years Eve I was still undecided on what I wanted to do: do I stay in and be lame or do I spend $65 dollars to go out in Detroit with my married friends? Since I didn’t really feel like paying money to be reminded that I’m single, I opted to stay in. I ended up in bed with my mom, a bottle of champagne between us and Ellen’s standup routine on the TV. Five glasses later….

…the clock struck midnight, we toasted to the new year and then I went to bed. As soon as I stood up I was all ohhhh so THAT’S how drunk I am. I think I even tweeted about it. I tried to be all nonchalant and not let on to my mom that I was pretty effing hammered, and I think I got away with it but that may be because the door to the room was five feet from where I stood and I successfully cleared the doorframe so I think I’m good.

Friday night (New Years Day) I met up with two more married couples, my best friend Steph, her husband and my good friend Joe and their friends Janelle and Sean. Steph was my neighbor at State for two years–funny enough, a girl we initially started hanging out with told us nasty stories about her and tried to get us to hate her. In a  twist of fate, we ended up best friends with Steph and wouldn’t talk to this other girl. Some old high school rivalry or something. ANYWAYS. We went to dinner at Mongolian BBQ in Ann Arbor, which I had never been to before. It was pretty good, and I liked that service was so quick–since we WERE serving ourselves, basically.  We sat there for 3 and a half hours, drinking, chatting and having a good time.

Steph and I at dinner

Sure it was a lot of baby talk and breast feeding stories and such (Janelle and Sean just had a baby) but we did talk a lot about travel so I will give them credit for not making it ALL about marriage and babies, subjects that are completely foreign to me. At one point they did try to figure out who they could set up with me and apparently when I move out to Seattle/the west coast (which I eventually will), I will have four different suitors.

Steph and Joe

Joe & 20 toothpicks jammed in his mouth. This was right before he asked the Starbucks lady if they had any toothpicks. Just in case, you know, COFFEE got in his teeth.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful, unless you count my  mother acting like a five year old because I won’t add her as a friend on Facebook. Have I mentioned that she doesn’t even HAVE a Facebook account? Also, did I mention that Facebook failed in keeping my profile private from my aunt?? Yeah I put her on limited profile and apparently that did nothing because when talking to my mom, she said she already knew what I was up to thanks to Facebook letting her see my wall. So now my mom isn’t speaking to me and my dad wants me to be a nice person and just add her.

Family. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.

I do have some good news: I am getting a car!!!!!!!! Living in Boulder is going to be a lot easier now. Did I mention I’m moving to Boulder at the END OF THIS MONTH!!?? Squeeeeee!!!!!!!! Colorado HERE I COME.

I also updated my About Me page, gave myself a fanpage on Facebook. Oh and if you didn’t know? I have Twitter too!

47 Responses

  1. Champagne drunks will do that to you.

    That’s why I love them

  2. I had a single glass of beer at home with my Mum (who visited for 9 days) because she wasn’t feeling well and was asleep by 0030. Rock and Roll!

    Must remember to Facebook fan you later when i can get on. do we twitter? I will check now

  3. That sounds like a great New Year’s Eve to me. I didn’t get any champagne sadly. 😦

  4. I went to El Azteco when I was home for Christmas and when we were driving down Grand River, I just stared because so many things were different. I miss East Lansing!

  5. MONGOLIAN!! Aww. I went to U of M and your post brought back such great memories. 🙂

  6. I spent it almost alone! Dave didn’t come home until after 8pm. 😦 But then we made steak together and played Scrabble (and made fun of Dick Clark – we’re so going to hell) like an old (almost married) couple.

  7. My NYE was quite wonderful, just stayed in with my girl and her fam, drank and played games! Its been a long time since I’ve had that much fun staying in on New Years but it really was great. Maybe I’m getting old but I think staying in might be the thing to do nowadays!

    Great news on the car!

  8. I’m glad to find someone else who doesn’t think NYE is the biggest effing deal in the world. My plan was all to lay around watching movies until my dad spontaneously took us to the shore. Still, I spent it with my family and I had, Oh, just two drinks with dinner. Still, fun 🙂

    Yay for getting a car!

  9. Wow, Colorado! I’ve always wanted to go there.

    On New Years Eve I was at a bar where my friend was hosting karaoke. I sang a song, and toasted the new year with a hug with my friends, seriously missing my husband like it’s nobody’s business, and then drove home. I really just wanted to be in bed when the clock struck twelve, but whatever. There’s always next year.

  10. Already facebooked. I didn’t know it was new! Haha I’m so ahead of the game it’s SCARY.

  11. I’ve gone back to my college town a few times and I swear I don’t recognize the campus anymore either. It sucks because I’m all- why didn’t they have that when I was here!?!? 🙂

    haha… nice of you to get drunk with your mom :)sometimes those 5ft to the door though are killer!

  12. so at least you drank something. i didn’t even have a drink on new years! we watched the hockey game and wii bowled. oh yes, we are cool 😉

  13. happy 2010 baby!

  14. My NYE consisted of me and the fiance drinking some champagne, then me falling asleep to HP6 and being in bed before the clock struck 12. It was pretty lame, but it was nice and relaxed.

    And champagne? Does the same thing to me. It’s bad, but oh so wonderful.

    And congrats on the new car for CO, too! You’re going to have a fantastic time out there!

  15. i drank more champagne than i should have on new year’s but it’s okay, it’s the drink of champions right?

  16. my boyfriend and i bought two bottles of champagne to drink for new year’s and it wasn’t until breakfast the next day that i realized we had forgotten to drink them! UGH. but at least we had mimosas!

  17. Drinking with your mom is NOT the same as drinking alone. Give your mom some credit!

    What are you going to Boulder for? Sounds pretty awesome. I have some lovely Twitter friends from there, include some potentially single ones… 😉

    • Technically, she only had one glass to my five. So I was KIND OF drinking alone. 🙂

      I got the opportunity to go there so I just decided to go! Are these potentially single friends cute? 😉

  18. this nye was both anticlimatic and uneventful for me too. boo-urns!
    here’s to a good rest of the year…!

  19. My NYE was perfect, spent much like I did growing up with my cousins and family plus this year I brought the boy and well, there were drinks. It was awesome – I hate fighting crowds in general, let alone on NYE! Also?! SO EXCITED ABOUT BOULDER!!!

  20. You and I had something in common on NYE. Hanging out with married friends. Drinking more than one glass of champagne. And ringing in the new year at home. Woo hoo! Happy 2010!

  21. Your NYE sounds EXACTLY like mine….except that my mom was away on vacation!

  22. I stayed at home and had a drink…by myself. I wasn’t really interested in paying $150 just to get into a super crowded party in Hollywood somewhere.

  23. I had planned on staying in and watching movies + eating a pizza from my bed because like you who wants to pay to be reminded of singledom on this day? I wound up hanging out with a neighbor. We did a puzzle. Drank wine. Watched chick flicks. Pretty great, really especially because I did it all in sweatpants and didn’t have to drive =)

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