Best of ’09: The 3 Scenes That Equaled the Biggest Rush of 2009

This post is part of the Best of ’09 blog challenge hosted by Gwen Bell.

December 14: Best Rush.

This one was challenging, I will admit. So challenging, that I couldn’t narrow it down to just one, instead there are three moments, all very unique, that equalled up, all together, as the world’s greatest rush this year.

Scene 1: August 6, 2009. Midtown Manhattan.

I had been nervous about this day for months. I had been both welcoming it and dreading it since I had made the decision just a few months earlier and purchased that one way plane ticket to Germany. I came into work that morning and was praying my boss wasn’t going to be in the office, that I would be able to email him and that would be that. I wouldn’t have to actually face him. Three o’clock rolled around though and he came waltzing into the office and I knew that this was it. I had to do this and do it in person.

It took me probably an hour to gather up my courage (and freak out to EVERYONE on GChat), but I walked into his office, closed the door and said the words I had been longing to say for over a year:


Despite expecting to be thrown out of the office and not getting paid for my last week, the resignation went well. He congratulated me on my big life decision and told me that I would have a great time. And I almost called the hospital to send someone immediately because I thought maybe his blood pressure was too low or something even worse.

After walking out of his office I danced my way upstairs and ran around celebrating my freedom with my coworkers, screaming with joy and hugging everyone. That celebration lasted a week and my step was amazingly light and when I took that final sip of champagne my coworkers had gotten me in honor of my very last day, I skipped bittersweetly out of the office into my new life: one free of the negativity that office brought into my life.

Scene 2: August 17, 2009. JFK Airport.

I had almost forgotten to call my banks and credit card companies to let them know I was going to be out of town for a few months so while I stood in line at the gate about to board my Air Berlin flight to Munich, as they were announcing the rows they were seating, I was calling the numbers on the backs of my credit cards and trying to get the message out as fast as I could: I was leaving the USA and I wasn’t coming back any time soon.

I was texting my friends as I sat down, saying my goodbyes. I also was twittering as I waited to go. (click to see larger version)

When the plane (finally) took off, my phone turned off and stored in my purse, and we soared into the clouds above NYC, I knew this was it. This was really happening. I had quit my job and was on my way to to the trip of the lifetime. I definitely did a happy dance in my aisle seat.

Scene 3: November 15, 2009. Paris, France.

Three Months after I had started my adventure I found myself in Paris at my last stop of the trip. The entire trip had been one big high, one big massive rush but it all culminated in this last stop. I had never been to Paris and its one of those places that I had always dreamt of going but had yet to make it to. It hadn’t even made it into the final cut until a month prior, when I had found a ridiculously cheap flight from Barcelona (which I proceeded to abandon and go early). I arrived after taking an overnight bus from BCN and I was exhausted but super excited to be there. After I had checked in and showered, I headed to the Eiffel Tower to meet the Messenger.

I got off the Metro at Trocadero and couldn’t see the Eiffel Tower so I thought  maybe I had the directions wrong. I called the Messenger and he said I was in the right place, I just had to walk in the direction the statue was facing. I rounded the corner and there it was. The Eiffel Tower.

I squealed with joy and bounced up and down. I WAS IN PARIS. This, this RIGHT HERE, was the whole reason I was on this trip. That feeling? THAT’S what I was traveling for. I can’t even describe the high, the rush I felt upon seeing the Eiffel Tower. It practically brought tears to my eyes. In fact, every time I saw that building, I was overwhelmed and amazed and wanted to go hug that damn building. I was in PARIS. I was in Europe. I was in love with my life.

I think its safe to say, that this whole trip was my BEST OF 2009.

4 Responses

  1. HELL yes, i need to participate in this best offff bizzzzzzness

  2. I’ve been to Paris too! I felt the exact same way at the Eiffel Tower. It is SO iconic and big and overwhelming. It is definitely my favorite thing to sight see in France..I took SO many pictures. I can’t wait to go again!

    p.s. Congrats on having the balls to follow through with your adventure!!

  3. These all sound like amazing moments! 2009 truly was a great year. (and I totally understand your excitement of being in Paris, I’ve been twice, and I still get giddy every time I see that Tower!)

  4. I spent a semester in Paris in college and I remember very, very well the last time I saw the Tour “go off” (it used to light up and sparkle at regular intervals – does it still?) before I left for home the next morning.

    Quitting a job takes serious courage and I’m impressed. I know it’s already in the past, but go you!

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