Best ’09: The Best Place

This blog is part of the Best of 2009 blog challenge hosted by Gwen Bell.

Best Place: A coffee shop? A pub? A retreat center? A cubicle? A nook?

Place: Coffee shop in Barcelona where I sat for hours on a daily basis, drinking cappuccinos which turned into glasses of wine, reading a book, having therapy sessions with The Messenger. I wasn’t bothered by the waitstaff to have more and I could just relax. Out of all the places I could choose from–the living room of the hostel on the Isle of Skye that felt so much like home with its fireplace and friendly people, the rooftop terrace of the hostel I stayed at in Sevilla where I could lie in hammocks with a glass of wine during my siestas–this one, this place, really stood out. Its my goal to find a place just like this to hang out in, wherever I end up.

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like such a lovely place! I’d like to find a place like that in America … most places try to hurry you along. Hardly anyone takes time to just be.

  2. I still haven’t found a place like this in San Francisco – except all the way across town and that is not happening on a Sunday.

    But I can’t wait to visit my old perfect coffee spot in Boston (actually, Cambridge) when I’m there in May!

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