Office Funnies

If you know me, you know that things at my last job weren’t…spectacular. There were many reasons behind my quitting in August but this post isn’t about why I quit my job. This is to remember what a great time I did have with my coworkers (the ones I liked, that is!).

In the summer of 2008 we lost all our projects so we had a lot of time on our hands. It was the first of what would be many hard blows my firm would experience during the length of the recession. I worked with all young women my age and we all got along famously. We were constantly making each other laugh and supporting each other through whatever shit our boss threw at us. We went out for drinks at least once a week, and dinners just as often and when invitations went out for a party, I knew they would all be there.

When preparing for presentations we would all rally up around each other and put forth an assembly line of boards and materials like you’ve never seen. When my boss would leave on presentations he’d have 15 girls in dresses, fancy tights and high heels escorting him out to his car, laden with boxes of spec books and large material boards. (Every guys dream right?) This camaraderie helped push through the stress of every day life in the office. Late nights were commonplace and the nights we were there til past midnight we’d have a big dinner in the conference room where we’d kick back, eat really greasy food and relax for five seconds.

When things got slow we often had to find ways to entertain ourselves without looking like we were entertaining ourselves with things outside of work. Things we pulled off included: cell phone races, twister, salsa dancing, a political debate around the time of elections last year, trick or treating in our cubicles last halloween and haiku wars. I kept a file in my outlook mailbox of Office Funnies and when I quit, I went through them and laughed at what a good time we all had together, even when things were shit.

The best office funny, as we called them, happened last february.

We had worked three weeks straight without a day off. Working with 15 girls you are bound to have very different personalities. And boy, did we have them. We had people from all over the world and sometimes we clashed but the majority of the time we enjoyed the entertainment that was bound to happen when you put two Russians in close proximity. One of these Russians was a very loud girl, who would constantly accuse us of things we didn’t do. After 3 weeks of not getting a break from one another and her coming downstairs to ask me or one of the other designers who took a fabric/tile/etc sample off her desk, we were getting a little…annoyed.

She was a little possessive, to say the least. She had this ENORMOUS rolodex with every contact in there that she’d ever talked to over the past two years at the job, and it was her baby. So one afternoon, after having to endure another of her searches of our desks for something we hadn’t taken, we get the genius idea to take her rolodex and hold it hostage.Give her something to really bitch about.

While she was out of the building on a meeting, I snuck upstairs, grabbed it off her unprotected desk and put it in a drawer. Someone else set up a fake email address to start harrassing her, and another coworker photoshopped together a random note (what good thieves would we be if we didn’t?):

A hilarious email exchange ensued and luckily she was on a different floor so she couldn’t hear us roaring with laughter. She pointed fingers at everyone but me and at the end of the day, I went upstairs and left the rolodex right outside the elevator door, her none the wiser to who took it from her. The next day she did bring us breakfast pastries (not QUITE cupcakes, but we were willing to substitute) and we all enjoyed more laughter when we all admitted it was me who had taken her rolodex.

In my job search I’m often reminded how much I loved my coworkers and I really hope that this wasn’t just a one-time-luck deal, that I can find a job where I will be surrounded by as many funny, talented and intelligent people as I had been at my last job.

4 Responses

  1. “15 girls in dresses, fancy tights and high heels escorting him out to his car”

    I’m a little annoyed with myself that my first thought was “The fuck are fancy tights?”

  2. Now that rolodex story is HILARIOUS! The idea that anyone our age has a physical rolodex instead of Outlook contacts or cell phone contacts kind of surprises me. She deserves to have it stolen. hehehe.

  3. Ha! That is awesome. It totally sounds like something Jim would do to Dwight on The Office.

    Having fun with your co-workers makes all the difference in the world between being able to go to work every day and wanting to stab your eyes with a pencil. I hope you can find something like that again!

  4. What a great prank! 🙂

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