Best of 09: Day 2 and The Real Meal

December 2nd: Best Restaurant Moment

This was hard. So hard, that I had to go onto facebook and look back at my pictures to remember if there was a particular moment in a restaurant that really stood out. Having spent the majority of the past year in New York City, you can imagine just how many restaurants I ate in. COUNTLESS. I ate out for lunch, ate out for at least 3-4 meals a week and then there were the brunches and the parties….

I’ve been to Nobu, Tao, Buddakan, Blue Water Grill, Republic, 230 Fifth, Stanton Social, Hudson Hotel…the list could go on.  Then I went in the opposite direction: I spent three months on a strict budget that only allowed eating baguettes and cheese so eating in restaurants was rare, let alone really nice ones.

I remember my first real meal about six weeks into the trip. I had just come off of the rainy season in Scotland and had been eating salami sandwiches religiously and some pretty bad soup when I could get my hands on it. I had gotten pretty used to not eating much of anything, especially nothing that had any great taste to it. When I arrived in Amsterdam I had been promised a free place to stay (which fell through) and I was hoping a free meal from the Messenger’s cousin. I was in luck on that front. I got that first nice meal in a fancy restaurant, despite being in the clothes I’d worn for a couple days and soaking wet hair from the rain outside.

That wasn’t the best meal though. The next morning I came over after his cousin had departed and I took a blissfully amazing hot shower and used the hair dryer for the first time since being in Europe (and let me tell you, that is probably the one thing I missed the most!). After getting ready, the Messenger mentions that he had a mouse in the room and it had gotten into his food.

Lightbulbs started going off. (after I freaked out, a little)

Having worked in a hotel I know how hard it is to deal with guests and how many people will milk the shit out of good customer service, just because they can. Well, folks, as poor travelers, we were milking it.

So we go downstairs and tell the receptionist about our little friend Mickey and somehow, after a lot of milking, we managed to get ourselves a free lunch in the same fancy restaurant.

We sat in the corner right by the window looking out over one of Amsterdam’s busy streets and shared croquettes and beef cacciatorre for appetizers and glasses of wine; I had sweet and sour chicken on a skewer and really amazing fries and the Messenger had a steak for the main course; for dessert, we shared the cheesecake. I was drooling over all this good food, my tastebuds almost couldn’t handle the excitement I was putting them through. Neither could my pants–I was ready to burst.

It was the perfect way to start my week in Amsterdam, a city I loved so much I pushed back a flight for.

The croquettes

My chicken skewers

3 Responses

  1. mmmm looks delicious!

  2. Looks amazing! And I am soooo hungry. It was totally unwise on my part to read this right now, ha.

  3. mmmm! note to self- don’t anymore of these before lunch!

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